Perfecting the customer experience starts with the employee experience.

Increase engagement, understand trends, empower your team, get accurate feedback, and retain top talent through a cloud-based, single-sign on platform seamlessly built around the employee experience.

Get the insights you need to manage your A-team.

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Save money, time and resources through Smartz Human Asset Management’s consolidated cloud-based – SaaS platform.

Through a single-sign on portal, we track, analyse and notify you of trends in your business.

Empower employees to understand, shift information, announcements, compliance, policies and laws, managing personal details, e-learning, surveys, leave applications, time and attendance.

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Effortlessly manage the entire recruitment process from the interview to the on-boarding of your applicant.

Create, design and manage internal and external vacancy posts, offers and employment letters.

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Regular feedback from employees empowers you to understand and accurately make decisions for the better of the workplace.

Through a drag & drop designer, you can preview, schedule and send surveys when you need to.

Understand employee feedback and trends through real-time analytics and reporting

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Easily upload and store compliance and legal documents. Compliance is simplified with a full audit trail within the platform.

Save time and paperwork with a complete overview of an employee’s history, with the ability to upload and update documentation and information.

Empower your employee to request and view leave availability based on your defined rules and types through their portal

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Easily design and create e-learning courses for employees and departments. Understand insights into critical learning areas within your business. Add multimedia content to any assessments with the ability to link to QA assessment.

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Create assessments through an easy-to-use drag & drop designer.

Empower your QA department to easily read score cards, assign assessments and manage completion dates through their portals.

Seamlessly manage your QA builder and process


Are you ready to give your employees a voice?

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