Only 1 in 26 customers will tell a business about their negative experience;
according to customer service facts, the rest simply leave. 

What if you had the power to stop a bad experience before it ever happened? 

With Commz, you’ll finally have the power to create, cultivate and manage great customer experiences on a single platform.

Your true omnichannel solution

Know your customers

Using real-time analysis you can track customer interactions with an AI-driven sentiment engine.

Manage multiple interactions on a single pane and in one platform

Using real-time analysis you can track customer interactions with an AI-driven sentiment engine.

Real-time customer insights

Control your interactions with built-in survey and rating capabilities to stop an experience from turning bad before it has to.

Exceed customer expectations and grow your business

Nearly 70% of customers are irritated when their call is transferred from one department to another.

Give your agents the power of information to offer great customer interactions

81% of customers use online chat or live support for communicating with a company.

Track, manage and engage with customers no matter the channel they use with a single platform

79% of consumers who used online feedback to complain about a poor customer experience were ignored.

With real-time feedback and monitoring, you can reduce the impact of bad experiences.

“We’ve been able to intervene in more
interactions between agents and customers before they turn sour, resulting in an improvement of 76% in positive wrap ups”.

“Our agents have more information to reduce the wait time for customers, which has reduced the amount of drop offs in our contact center”

“Everything we need sits on a single platform, which gives us access to insights we need in real-time!”

What Commz can do for you

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