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More than just a CCaas Platform

86% of companies with “significantly above
average” customer experiences perform better
financially than their competitors.

With Smartz Solutions,

You have the power to create, manage and replicate great experiences for your customers and teams.


Find out how leading companies use Smartz Solutions to improve profitability and productivity.


of customers desire a
consistent experience,
regardless of how they
engage a company (through
social media, in person, by
phone, etc.).


of customers report a
terrible customer experience
as the reason for switching


of customers are most
frustrated by having to wait
on hold, and 33% are most
frustrated by having to
repeat themselves to
multiple support reps. 

A great experience doesn’t need buzz words and grand statements, it needs simple effectiveness. That’s where we come in. We bring you a simplified solution for great experiences by connecting people to people through industry-leading technology.

Learn what Smartz Solutions
can do for you.

In the modern working world, you do not need to spend millions of dollars on multiple platforms and applications only to offer your teams and customers mediocre experiences. 

You need one solution on one integrated platform to provide exceptional experiences.

Smartz Solutions is a cloud-based omnichannel communications platform.

Our competitive advantage is how we bring together back office, communications and employee engagement under one fully integrated stack.

A CCaaS platform

A complete integrated voice and
omnichannel platform

A single “pane of glass” for interactions

Complete customer journey

Customer surveys

Real-time link to NPS, CSAT & CES

Real-time sentiment analysis


And more…

Increase sales and
customer loyalty on a
single platform.

An employee
engagement platform

Complete employee journey

E-learning and quality assessment

Asset management

Compliance and adherence

Time and attendance

Employee surveys


Organogram – Hierarchy structure

And more…

Create motivated, inspired,
productive teams who build
brand loyalty.

A reporting and
analytics platform

Real-time BI dashboards

Intuitive and allows for caching

Drill down & link to every interaction/

Build on insights for a deeper understanding
of any business case

Measure, analyze and improve your CX and
EX with both Smartz Commz and Smartz
Engage reports and dashboards

Comprehensive historical reporting

And more…

Make business-critical decisions faster
based on real-time reporting with the
data you need.

Best of Breed Architecture

Cloud/Telco Agnostic

Smartz Solutions offers sophisticated containerization, offering every client their own unique environment. Use your own private cloud or migrate to the cloud when you are ready. We offer you the ability to be hosted in Azure/AWS/Google/Private hosted infrastructure. With the power to deploy and upgrade within minutes, you can get started today.

Join other leading global companies
who are putting experience in the driver’s seat

“Using Commz, we have seen a 63% increase in customer experiences”

“Our teams have never been this engaged before! Thanks
to the Smartz’s gamification features, our teams are productive and motivated!”

“Smartz has helped us intervene in calls before they turn negative using their sentiment analysis software – it’s been a game changer!”

Start your omnichannel
journey today 

Give your employees the
experience they deserve

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