Why is workforce management important?

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You know when things are working and when they aren’t. In a contact center, you can see the impact sub-optimally performance can have on the business. Workforce management has been a critical factor in the performance of contact centers for years. With the right workforce management tools, your teams will use their skills more efficiently and meet customer needs quickly without wasting time and resources. 

Without those tools, however, it can be very challenging to create the most efficient staffing and scheduling. We know how vital workforce management is to maximize your use of resources and ultimately deliver the best possible service to your customers. 

Why Is Workforce Management Important?

Workforce management includes all the procedures for staffing, scheduling, predicting customer demand, and adjusting to staffing needs in real-time. The goal of ideal workforce management is to have the right resources, in the right place, at the right time. 

When you run a call center, this can be surprisingly complicated. Workforce management tools help you create the optimal flow for your organization, identify inefficiencies, and form teams that work well together. Workforce management isn’t just about maximizing resources; it’s about creating a workflow that works seamlessly with staff who have compatible purposes.  

You need industry information such as customer demographics, competitor performance, and customer demand to meet customer needs. You also need detailed information on what’s going on within your working environment. For example, you need insights into employee strengths and weaknesses, time spent on calls, projects, and customer satisfaction.

The biggest lesson of workforce management is the importance of making informed decisions. Staffing and scheduling decisions shouldn’t be based on generalized ideas about the industry but detailed and recent statistics from your own organization. 

When you act on data about employee performance and customer satisfaction, you have the opportunity to improve your business optimization in both big and small ways. Having information in real-time enables you to make minor tweaks to your daily staffing that will keep your business efficient around the clock. You can produce enviable efficiency and customer satisfaction with the correct information and insightful planning.

Through Smartz Solutions, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your organization and have all the information available in real-time to make in-the-moment adjustments. When you’re informed about what’s happening within your organization, you can take steps to optimize performance. 

Smartz Solutions for your CX and EX needs

With a best-in-class communication platform, clients could transition from a traditional to a remote contact centre. This shift catered for the full spectrum of communication channels – social media platforms, telephony, email and SMS etc – through a true omnichannel solution offered by Smartz Solutions.

Driven by AI-based strategies, clients leveraged the Smartz A.I.D (Automatic Interaction Distributor) to monitor real-time Sentiment data, powering personalized customer-employee connections, boosting customer and agent satisfaction. 

Through intelligent routing, the A.I.D understands customers’ preferences and routes them to the virtual agent who will offer them the best service. In a WFH environment, this offered clients the flexibility to continue offering impeccable service. 

Smartz Solutions offers a full-stack system that increases engagement, understands trends, empowers your team, gets accurate feedback, and retains top talent through a cloud-based platform built around the employee experience. 

Through surveys and integrated communication, teams can see the business structure and interact with the people they need to maintain productive working environments, all with low latency and minimal data costs.

About Smartz Solutions

Smartz Solutions specializes in managing customer and employee experiences through our enabling technology. Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class, world-class applications in a single end-to-end CX and EX platform.