What you need to know about Total Experience

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In recent years we’ve seen the rise of customer experience. We have also seen the employee experience be prioritized and how mapping both EX and CX journeys have impacted the success of businesses. Now, as we head into an exciting era of experiences, we see a culmination of these experiences into what Gartner described as, Total Experience. 

In Gartner’s 2022 Technology Trend report they predict that businesses that prioritize a total experience strategy will outperform their competitors in the critical satisfaction metrics. 

So what do you need to know about Total Experience?

What is Total Experience? 

Total experience combines multi-experience, customer experience, employee experience and user experience to transform the business outcome. It is used to describe the relationship a customer has with a business. It is made up of all of the interactions the customer has had with a business, from the time the customer first made contact with the company up to the present day.

Managers have become increasingly aware of the need to create value for their customers in the form of experiences. With interactions becoming more virtual, distributed and mobile – mostly due to the pandemic – total experience will empower businesses to achieve success on new experiential disruptors and make technological leaps. 

Closing the loop on interactions

Today’s savvy consumers have much more control than they did just a few short years ago, primarily due to concerns over privacy and choice. They are exercising control over their data, the content they want to consume, the experience platforms they prefer to use, and the brands they wish to interact with daily. 

Therefore closing the loop on any customer interactions is vital to the total experience. A business must offer the technology to support the remote, virtual and mobile worker while supporting the buying patterns of their customers. 

The pandemic has been a considerable driver in total experience, and in 2022, there will be a more significant demand for personalized experiences. Customers will demand interactions that are seamless, fast and efficient. Solving customer problems is no longer the sole department of the ‘support team’ over a voice call or an email. 

True personalization means targeting customers with unique content and consistency across their whole journey and lifecycle with total experience; a successful synergy between each department within your business will represent the future of successful customer relationships.

Managing Total Experience

Total experience extends beyond perfecting the customer experience. It takes into account the employee and user experience and how this impacts the journeys your business offers. To effectively manage total experience, businesses will also need to close the loop of real-time feedback. Monitoring and responding to employee experiences in real-time will allow business decisions to be made with all the data considered. 

With decades of experience and knowledge of the relationship between the employee and customer experience, Smartz Solutions maps these journeys to give businesses the power of managing total experience. Addressing this in 2022 will be a business differentiator, and with Smartz Solutions, you can achieve this. 


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About Smartz Solutions 

Smartz Solutions specializes in managing customer and employee experiences through our enabling technology. Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class, world-class applications in a single end-to-end CX and EX platform. Our suite of products includes Smartz Human Asset Management, Smartz Communications and Smartz Business Intelligence.