3 ways unified communications help your business

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Everything starts from effective communication because of the countless daily tasks, interactions, processes, and workflows that happen on the job. And while effective communication is at the heart of any successful team, it is also about profitability. 

This means supporting the organisation’s communications needs while also being aware of costs.  Here are three ways unified communications can save you time and resources. 

Increased employee productivity

People hours are one of the most expensive resources a company can squander. When communication is inefficient, teams create miscommunications that impact customer experiences, products and more. 

Unified, cloud-based communications increase productivity because teams can access messaging and phone from anywhere and on any device. With a CCaaS solution, workers can communicate and get more done from anywhere.

Better employee retention

As remote and hybrid work frees companies to hire the best talent from anywhere, employee satisfaction has never been more critical. They make it easy to work from anywhere while eliminating frustrations like having to use multiple apps or reduced access to resources and information away from the office. 

There are cost savings that stem from delivering effortless communications. Happy employees mean less turnover. 

Less downtime

When you’re working in the cloud, reliability is in the hands of your provider and working with the right solution can help to assure that vital tools are always online. A trusted cloud communications provider employs multiple layers of failover that prevent downtime events. 

Smartz Solutions reduces the risk of downtown and more through its integrated omnichannel digital experience platform. It enables more than just the usual CCaas functionality and features. Here’s what to expect;

  • Frictionless experiences for your customers across all their digital touchpoints
  • The use of simple and complex bots which use conversational AI to understand customer needs and service accordingly. The bots are built to understand your customer and how they want to engage with you without forcing them in a direction.
  • Automatic sentiment routing matches the customer to the agent who provided the best service based on sentiment analysis.
  • Smartz Suite collects data from all the channels and paints a 360-degree picture of the customer journey enabling data-centric decisions.
  • Smartz Suite tracks every customer touchpoint (digital and non-digital) in the journey lifecycle.
  • A complete API library for application integration into business systems and workflow tools to assist with business automation.
  • The ability to run a range of sites from 15 – 1000 agents with over 10 000 seats deployed.

About Smartz Solutions

Smartz Solutions specializes in managing customer and employee experiences through our enabling technology. Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class, world-class applications in a single end-to-end CX and EX platform.