Customer experiences are only as good as the experiences you offer your employees. 

When employees are motivated, inspired and informed, your business will become more productive, profitable and purpose-driven. When employees have great experiences, they can offer those same experiences to customers. 

Start giving your employees the experiences they deserve through Workforce Engagement Management with Smartz Engage. 

Increase productivity, quality and compliance on a single platform

Understand your operations

Stop waiting for quality reviews to see how your teams feel. You’ll always know how your teams are doing with real-time insights and built-in employee surveys. Happy teams create happy customers.

Retain top talent

With employee churn creating the highest cost in contact centers, Engage supports you in retaining your top talent through an engaging team experience on a single platform.

Simplified Quality Assurance

Move away from excel spreadsheets and build assessments within minutes across all channels. Effectively manage and track quality across your entire company.

Integrated e-learning

Ensure employees always have access to ongoing training with a fully integrated e-learning platform. Design and build e-learning modules that efficiently link to your agents and teams.

Stay compliant

Remove the stress around compliance and use a platform that monitors and supports all your requirements keeping you compliant at all times.

Informed, Motivated, Happy Teams

The customer service industry has the highest employee turnover rate of all businesses, placing it as high as 45%.

Losing top talent will impact your productivity and profitability. Finally, you’ll be able to keep teams engaged and fulfilled in your business.

Engaged employees are 59% less likely to seek out a new job or career.

Leverage gamification and create an engaging environment for your teams.

A strong learning culture led to 30–50% high retention rates in companies.

Leverage the full power of a built-in e-learning platform for your teams to foster a learning culture in your business.

“Our productivity has increased by 146% by leveraging the gamification features
of Engage! Finally, we can see how our teams are performing in real-time”

“Through real-time surveys and feedback, we are intervening in team morale before it turns sour causing told talent to leave the business”.

“Through the QA assessments, our teams are staying informed and maintaining a standard for our business. We are definitely seeing a correlation between improving our employee experiences and our customer experiences! Thanks Smartz!”

What Engage can do for you

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