You don’t need hundreds of dashboards showing you data you don’t need.
You need specific data and real-time insights to make effective
business-critical decisions. 

You can have these insights at your fingertips through comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards.

Make your data matter.

A comprehensive reporting and analytics platform that provides your company
with real-time dashboards and historical reporting to support the features in
employee and customer journeys.

Smartz Analyz promotes data-driven strategies and initiatives, keeping
stakeholders alert and ready to tackle challenges, identify opportunities, prevent risks and react to changes.

Measure, analyze and improve your Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Engagement (EE) with both Smartz Commz and Smartz Engage reports and
dashboards at your fingertips.

System Reports

Smartz Commz

Explore contact center operations through a 360-degree view of channels, modules, users and customer satisfaction. Reports and dashboards are organized by modules grouped by respective channels.

Smartz Engage

Get the pulse of employees with a variety of reports and dashboards covering all aspects of human resource. Reports and dashboards are organized as per Smartz Engage modules.


Reports can be exported in CSV to import into another BI tool of choice.

CX Dashboards and Reports

Conversations / Sentiments / Leaderboard / Team KPI / CX Analytics

EX Dashboards and Reports

Compliance / Assets / E-Learning Course / E-Learning Exams / QA Open Evaluations Instances

Bespoke Reports

Smartz Analyz provides you with an opportunity to request specifically designed and/or adjusted views of our current report range. 

Smartz Analyz is a hybrid between an off-the-shelf and a bespoke solution. Take advantage of a personalized approach with tailor-made reports and dashboards.

Build on insights for a deeper understanding of any business case.

Solutions based on a thorough understanding of the contact center industry and unique business challenges.

Analyze your data in real-time to make key business predictions based on AI-driven historical events and campaigns.

What Analyz can do for you

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