Turning insights into strategy

Powered by Sisense

Increase your customer engagement and optimise operations through the combined power of Smartz Solutions and Sisense. 

We transform your data into insightful, actionable dashboards all while reducing the cost per user – 
as compared to other BI solutions.

What you can measure, you can manage

Smartz BI empowers you to visualise critical trends through a complete hosted analytics solution. We do this through real-time dashboards, connecting multiple disparate data sources (with volumes up to billions of records) while reducing the cost per user – as compared to other BI solutions. We remove the work associated with gathering, hosting, storing, preparing, transforming and visualising the data, to allow you to read the insights that your data provides.

How we help you monetise your data

We deploy once and optimise, which results in monetising your data. We do this through;
– Data strategy & requirements
– Data architecture and UI design
– Launch and maintenance/rollout and support
We work backwards (with the end in mind) from business goals and requirements, collaborating with leadership, department heads, IT, and analytics stakeholders to bring both data science and business strategy to the table.

Adopt a data-driven strategy here

We can assess your needs within days – offering transparent, no-nonsense advice, pricing and strategies. In no time at all, you’ll be reaping the benefits of Smartz BI powered by Sisense at full power.


  Save on expensive upfront costs
  Cloud based
  Transfer of skills
  No investment in costly hardware
  Minimal monthly payment for actionable insights
  No additional skills required or learning curve
  Automation and Integration
  Actionable insights at your fingertips
  Reduce reporting time by 80-90 percent

What we do better – Why Smartz BI?

  • Trusted Sisense Partner.
  • Sisense Partner in two tracks: Reselling and Implementations (since 2016).
  • Expertise in data strategy, business intelligence and analytics / expert resource at hand / no internal resource or data analyst required.
  • Over 30 years experience.
  • Our experience has taught us that nearly every data drive strategy developed can be distilled down to one or more of these business drivers, goals or aspirations:

– Increased revenue
– Efficiency gains
– Short, medium and long-term cost reductions
– Enhanced customer relationships
– Greater organisational flexibility and more agile response to changing markets and customer needs
– Competitive advantage


  • Smartz Solutions has the team, technical resources, and experience working with stakeholders from the C-suite and IT, Marketing,  Finance, and other departmental teams to successfully map out and scale efforts required to succeed.
  • Our customers have relied on us for data strategy, data governance, data modelling, dashboard development and visualisation, system  integration, security and SSO, JavaScript integration.
  • Our experts take you from your data to dashboard by removing the strain associated with data strategy and implementation.
  • Our Smartz BI experts develop customer specific hosted analytical solutions using existing “best of breed” products and technologies that are available, supported and customisable.
  • Let us help you explore the value that exists in your data.

Start your insight journey today 

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