Why Instant Insights & Analytics are Essential in Times of Crisis

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Businesses are navigating through a new normal by adopting new processes and work-from-home strategies to keep essential services functioning. Throughout the rise of COVID-19, we see the sheer volume of data being shared on social media and other platforms. The public is fully experiencing the power of big data and the importance of analytics in a time of crisis.

Data is Connecting The World During Isolation

Big Data lies at the core of efforts to understand and predict the impact the Coronavirus will have on our healthcare systems and our economies. Near real-time trackers pull data from global sources that are helping healthcare workers, epidemiologists, scientists and policymakers to understand and act on insights.

Not only is data connecting the globe through digital platforms and updates, but it is also offering accurate information to the right groups of people. This data will save lives now and in the future. This is how; 

As we collect more data, we gain better, faster and more usable insights on which to act. Companies are using their business intelligence algorithm to gain more profound views of their company’s feasibility. By working on these instant insights, businesses are empowered to change entire scopes of projects, processes and software by knowing how this will impact the business.

Why Companies Must Become & Remain Data-Driven 

During this period, companies have needed to provide more value to their clients than ever before. To effectively understand how to manage customer experiences – while maintaining your core operations effectively – businesses are beginning to rely more on their data. People need analytics to navigate this landscape because what worked a few weeks ago, will not work anymore. 

Critical trends will emerge in more ways than one, especially during times of uncertainty within economies. Businesses who are measuring these shifts and imbalances will likely respond more effectively to unpredicted changes.  

Actionable insights are critical for running your business in 2020. To gain these insights, Smartz Business Intelligence empowers you to visualise these trends through a complete hosted analytics solution. Through real-time dashboards, it will connect multiple disparate data sources (with volumes up to billions of records) while reducing the cost per user – as compared to other BI solutions. Further, we remove the work associated with gathering, hosting, storing, preparing, transforming and visualising the data, to allow you to read the insights that your data provides.

How To Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy 

Contact our team – we can assess your needs within days – offering transparent no-nonsense advice, pricing and strategies. Reap the benefits of Smartz BI powered by Sisense at full power.