What is Intelligent Composable Business?

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When Covid-19 first hit, businesses went into survival mode, scrambling to find solutions to the gap within their companies. The result, as you know, was the largest migration to cloud solutions in our history and new business models created in a much more agile environment. One of the many lessons businesses learnt in the lockdowns was that companies needed to transform their decisions-making and create interchangeable foundations. 

Welcome to the era of intelligent composable business. 

What is intelligent composable business?

Intelligent composable business transforms decision-making by accessing and reacting on data in a better, more flexible method. Intelligent composable business will allow redesigned digital business moments, new business models, autonomous operations and new products, services and channels to exist. 

A composable business model is an acceleration of the digital era and offers both the customer and employee an agile experience; you are ensuring real-time adaptability. Architecting your business processes around this idea, forces businesses to be resilient in the ever-changing times and creates a culture of stability within evolving environments. 

Composable really just means modularity.

Businesses that were once efficient suddenly became fragile when the pandemic hit a trait that cost many businesses to suffer extraordinary losses. Companies who pivoted to a modular (composable) setup were able to prepare for multiple realities. A modular process empowers a business to rearrange and reorient as needed depending on external or internal factors that shift.  

The idea of composable business operates on four basic principles:

  1. More speed through discovery
  2. Greater agility through modularity
  3. Better leadership through orchestration
  4. Resilience through autonomy

The three building blocks of composable business

  1. Composable thinking: when you combine the principles of modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery with composable thinking, it can guide your approach to conceptualizing when to compose, and what.
  2. Composable business architecture ensures that a business is built to be flexible and resilient. It’s about structure and purpose. These are structural capabilities — giving you mechanisms to use in architecting your business.
  3. Composable technologies are the tools for today and tomorrow. They are the pieces and parts, and what connects them all. The four principles are product design goals driving the features of technology that support the notions of composability. 

When combined with the principles, the building blocks of composable business enable organizations to pivot quickly. The demand to meet your customers’ and employee’s expectations will continue to grow in 2021. Through intelligent composable business, organizations can hope to achieve customer experience success and technological innovation in a flexible environment.


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