Transitioning 1000 seats from on-premise Smartz Solutions contact center to cloud-based solution: A case study of CX digital transformation 

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The hybrid working era sprung up almost overnight. With many businesses stuck with legacy applications, adaptability was difficult (almost impossible). Coupled with a site of over 1000 seats, onsite hardware coming to the end of life, increased customer demands and ongoing unreliable power.

Rewind to the pre-pandemic era, legacy applications were already taking strain with the pressure to become agile and scalable, crumbling many infrastructures, so naturally, with the pandemic, the spotlight was on. So how do you transition a large site to the cloud without the downtime and associated excessive costs? 

Enter Smartz Solutions. 

The transition to the cloud from legacy hardware

Understanding the importance of cost efficiency, reliability and scalability, Smartz Solutions worked with the client to migrate their own onsite instance into Azure cloud.

The approach supported a couple of Smartz Solutions’ fundamental focal points of ‘no-downtime’ and portability of containers to any environment (cloud agnostic). The old instance remained in place as a rollback plan for the client in the event of any issues (although it was not required).. 

Smartz Solutions migrated all configurations for the Smartz Suite (Commz, Engage and Analyz) to the Azure instance and reconnected their existing SIP provider. 

Within 24 Hours, Smartz Solutions transitions the client’s entire business to Azure. 

With all recordings reports, historical statistics and more remaining unchanged, the client continued business as usual, with agents logging in to start their daily tasks with zero interruptions.  Smartz Solutions migrated its entire omnichannel platform and all associated application functions of the client’s business off the physical infrastructure to Azure Cloud. 

The benefits of cloud solutions 

Since migrating, the client has been on the latest hardware, removing redundant infrastructure and services and supporting remote agents without the need for unique configuration or set-up. With new generation technology, the client has future-proofed their site by enabling;

  • Scalability and elasticity
  • Enhanced performance
  • Lowered capital expenditure
  • Reduced data security risk
  • Operational longevity
  • Uninterrupted uptime

Key takeaways 

The architectural design of the Smartz Solutions’ platform can run in any hosted environment making it truly cloud agnostic. As a result, customers can migrate from one environment to another without risk.

Part of the Smartz Solution’s ethos is allowing any client or partner technology choice. This means Smartz Solutions does not force a client or partner into a fixed environment but instead allows for flexibility and adaptability.  

Smartz Solutions offers a range of deployment for digital channels such as Webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter and iTemplate (digital SMS) –  to mention a few – for improved customer Interactions and collections channels. In addition, clients can expect deep-embedded analytics to provide a 360-degree view of customer interactions. 

Why Smartz Solutions 

Smartz Solutions is a cloud-based omnichannel communications platform. Our competitive advantage is how we bring together back office, communications and employee engagement under one fully integrated stack.

With decades of experience and knowledge of the relationship between the employee and customer experience, Smartz Solutions maps these journeys to give businesses the power of managing total experience. 

 “We are not offering products. We offer solutions. Through the Smartz Solutions’ suite we work with you to accelerate your customer and employee experiences, keeping you at the forefront of your industry”

– James Guthrie, Founder Smartz Solutions