The 5 Advantages of e-Learning For Remote Students

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Social distancing and isolation amid COVID-19 have arguably changed the way schools operate with an explosive uptake in remote students. While business-as-usual has changed environments, training and upskilling have become even more critical than it was before 2020.

Up-to-date learning remains critical to student success – even more so during periods of uncertainty. Fortunately, with the help of Smartz Human Asset Management’s easy-to-use cloud-based platform; educating students has never been easier or more cost-effective.

It is a matter of fact that e-learning is crucial to maintain learning in both the work and education space and here are 5 additional benefits to train remotely; 

1. Active, Independent Learning 

Web-based learning can simulate an entirely dynamic learning environment from the comfort of students’ homes. Acquiring digital material, with access to various resources in varying formats is the goal of offering an effective e-learning system. Through a single-sign-on platform, users can access a range of content, making their studying independent and removing the need to depend on on-site, training and lecturing. 

2. Convenient & Flexible 

Web-based learning empowers users to access learning material anytime, anywhere. The key to dynamic modules is to use a platform that offers instructional design, outstanding graphics, animation, photography, videography and audio integration to make an experience memorable. Making this a flexible and convenient platform for users to access requires it to be as flexible for creators (managers/teachers) to use as well. Choose a platform that allows you to edit, create and share content to assigned users easily. 

3. Monitor Learner Engagement & Performance

Insights in a digital learning environment are becoming increasingly more accurate than real-life teachings. e-Learning analytics offer teachers and trainers the power to access the level of the user and track how effectively they are working through the modules. Understand the effectiveness of modules through powerful insights and reporting that you want to see – an integrated feature within Smartz Human Asset Management.

4. Training Stored In A Single Repository

Benefits of creating materials online for your students to use, results in a central repository of content. This repository enables learners to efficiently collect, download or use content from a single source. Here, managers and teachers can monitor which content pieces learners access as well as ensuring all students have access to materials available, improving their learning experiences. 

5. Interactive Learning Experience 

Through video or audio material, students can rewatch content to deeper understand it. This recall results in better absorption of the lessons, ultimately impacting the results. An interactive platform also fosters discussions on chats and discussion boards that empower students to get the most out of their learning experience.

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