Smartz Solutions’ Cloud-based Technology Fully Supports Remote Working Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Smartz Solutions understands the sensitivity around the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this can have on the global economies and more so the direct impact on business. Smartz Solutions offers a globally available cost-effective solution to support businesses within this difficult situation, making sure there is minimal disruption in keeping business as usual with a best-in-class solution for home agents.

12 MARCH – The spread of COVID-19 continues to increase at an alarming rate globally with Governments introducing restrictions on travel, schools and universities closing and businesses asking employees to work remotely, causing a wave of business disruption that requires scalable solutions. Critical disasters emphasize the need for a disaster recovery centre which can aid businesses in remaining operational. While home agents/remote workers have become the temporary – or beginning of a permanent – solution, Smartz Solutions can seamlessly assist you in continuing business as usual. 

Smartz Solutions has the cloud-based technology available for rapid deployment, for both call centre home agents and home office users for PBX functionality. With a best-in-class redundant cloud-based infrastructure with 99.99% availability through secure multi-tenancy and flexibility, businesses can deploy rapidly, scaling on a per-usage model. 

Full DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) Solution to Navigate Remote Working 

Within an evolving new business reality, the primary concern is to ensure business continuity and to do this in a cost-effective manner. Smartz Solutions Cloud-ready full stack DRP solution makes the reality of working from home instantly available with a simple and seamless set up. This is achieved through; remote agent training, with links available for agents to follow along to, voice recordings through text to speech, route to hold and agent wrap ups. To ensure operational capabilities are not impacted we offer a full DRP turnaround in a matter of days. 

Smartz Solutions has successfully deployed DRP to all clients during this global pandemic – ensuring their continued productivity. 

“Supporting business continuity is vital during this period. We want to support both our clients and the rest of the industry whether you have an existing DRP solution or not, we can aid you in keeping your costs low while transitioning through this current reality”  – James Guthrie, Smartz Solutions Managing Director.

Technical Requirements For A Home Office

Minimal requirements are needed in setting up remote agents at their home offices such as; 

  • Basic 3G connection to a basic end terminal,
  • Laptop, desktop or smart device
  • Latest Chrome or Firefox version
  • At least 300MB of free memory which the browser will consume
  • No software is required to be loaded onto the home agents device as a URL to activate the application with USB headsets, and the Home user is set up to continue conducting business remotely.  

COVID-19 Causes Business To Lean on digital transformation more than ever before

In the coming months, the global business environment will lean on digital transformation more than ever before. However, businesses should be reassured that the transition from a business to home office set up is simple. 

“Smartz Solutions makes working from home business-friendly, bringing employee timesheets, communications and e-learning straight into the comfort of your home, ensuring that during these times of uncertainty, you are certain of business productivity” says Smartz Solutions Chief Software Officer, Leon Katzke.

The slowest task of the entire cloud move is the number portability or redirection or numbers – which can still be managed in an effective process to set up the agent in quick turnaround time. 

“The current COVID-19 pandemic is globally affecting businesses however Smartz Solutions has from the inception created the foundation for remote workers, offering a simple user interface on a cloud-based system that will ensure your business can still efficiently operate,” says Smartz Solutions Managing Director, James Guthrie. 

Stay At The Forefront Of Your Industry With A Full Stack Solution

As a leader in Customer Engagement with full stack Omni-channel solution, Smartz Solutions cloud infrastructure is readily available and the offer for Disaster recovery and disaster risk management through incidences like COVID-19, we provide business continuity in a quick seamless transition.

More about Smartz Communication  

Dynamically connect with your customers on the channel they prefer through intelligent campaigns, sentiment analysis, bots, and A.I.D. (Smartz proprietary technology). Seamless interactions. One platform. 

A True Omni Channel Solution
Experience communication with your customers on a host of channels, including; WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Voice (inbound & outbound), Email, Two-Way SMS, WebChat and I-Templates. We seamlessly consolidate communication data from all disparate systems on a single dashboard to manage. 

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