Smartz Solutions and Baroque Medical Partner to Leverage Insights and Bolster Digital Transformation.

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Smartz Solutions and Baroque Medical Partner to Leverage Insights and Bolster Digital Transformation.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 10 March 2021 – Smartz Solutions, a global Analytical Service Provider partners with Baroque Medical to revolutionize their data & analytics processes, amplifying their business intelligence capabilities.

Together, Smartz Solutions and Baroque Medical strategically leverage custom-developed dashboards to support their remote working environment and digitization journey. Through tailored dashboards, Baroque Medical is transforming their ability to gain insights remotely.

By offering their sales representatives remote, easy access to their targets and customer data, their teams are updated with the latest information and can offer clients seamless service. Similarly, financial dashboards offer management accurate financial tracking and reporting, streamlining their digital touchpoints, maintaining Baroques’ innovative practices in their industry.

Cindy van Wyk, Chief Operations and Customer Success Officer, Smartz Solutions, Carmen Hattingh-Smit, General Manager Operations, Smartz Solutions

 “We are thrilled about the Baroque Medical partnership. Their team of Data and Dashboard Designers demonstrated dedication from day one by learning best practises from the Smartz team to completing online training. The team’s involvement contributed to a quick onboarding and growth in the first few months. Baroque provides continuous and valuable insights to their internal departments. Leveraging the MobileBI App assists employees to stay connected and make informed decisions, even when travelling.”

Albert Denoon, CEO, Baroque Medical, Jeff Hampton, COO, Baroque Medical

 “Baroque Medical has partnered with Smartz Solutions as they have demonstrated that they provide an outstanding intuitive dashboard and business insights solution. The experience and expertise they have provided assists and empowers us to develop our own tailormade internal dashboard system. This has enabled the delivery of a simple and informative dashboard that simplifies working remotely during a challenging period.

When evaluating potential partnerships, we recognise that people are the most important aspect of development, Smartz Solutions has the same philosophy. Their product knowledge is vast, they offer a personally customised product that has added exceptional value to Baroque Medical in our digitization journey.”

About Smartz Solutions

Smartz Solutions specializes in managing customer and employee experiences through our enabling technology. Our success is based on technological foresight and strong business knowledge, enabling us to develop integrated solutions that meet your business needs. Our power lies in turning insights into strategies and giving you the power to make effective business decisions. Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class, world-class applications in a single end-to-end CX and EX platform.

About Baroque Medical

Baroque Medical, by virtue of its focus on customer and patient needs, continues to be the “Partner of Choice” through the marketing, sales, and distribution of reputable products, thus ensuring better patient outcomes. The supply of disposable, pharmaceutical and capital medical equipment products in arenas such as cardiology, endovascular, wound care, and neurosurgery is facilitated by our professional staff, who are considered to be the most valuable asset at Baroque Medical. Baroque Medical is committed to advance the standard of patient care by offering unbiased educational programs for healthcare professionals in the stated disciplines under the auspices of world leading professionals, through our Crossroads Education Institute.


Smartz Solutions
Carmen Hattingh-Smit
General Manager Operations

Baroque Medical
Hettie Kruger
Senior Business & Market Alliance Manager