Where communication goes to be SMART

Dynamically connect with your customers on the channel they prefer through intelligent campaigns,
Sentiment Analysis, Bots, and A.I.D. (Smartz proprietary technology).

Seamless interactions. One platform.

Focus on customer experience consistency by building relationships between your agent and customer. Bring your customer closer to your brand through agent-customer compatibility matching which empowers the agent to deliver best-in-class customer experience.

  • A true omni channel solution

    Experience communication with your customers on a host of channels, including; WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Voice (inbound & outbound), Email, Two-Way SMS, WebChat and I-Templates

    We seamlessly consolidate communication data from all disparate systems on a single dashboard to manage

  • AI-driven strategies to transform a customer’s satisfaction

    Smartz A.I.D (Automatic Interaction Distributor) uses built-in AI-driven real-time Sentiment data, which powers personalized customer-employee connections, boosting both customer and agent satisfaction.

    Through intelligent routing, the A.I.D will understand a customer’s preferences and route them to the agent who will offer them the best service.

  • Automated intelligence with Bots

    Understand phrases, keywords, and sentiments through bots powered by AI learning.

    Improve your customer and self-service capability by minimizing Agent transfers through consistent responses and answers.

    Increase business productivity with 24/7 work output while reducing costs. Smartz Bots increase Employee productivity by removing mundane tasks it can handle.

  • Understand your customer with sentiment analysis

    Using real-time analysis, track customer interactions with an AI-driven sentiment engine.

    Through proprietary technology such as A.I.D., (Automatic Interaction Distributor), customers are routed to the agent who will offer the best service based on insights from the Sentiment Engine.

    Automatic alerts are triggered to supervisors when negative sentiments are recorded.

  • Make smarter decisions with real-time insights

    Analyze your data in real-time to make key business predictions based on AI-driven historical events and campaigns.

    Gaining insights from the Sentiment Engine, our proprietary technology, A.I.D., routes interactions to improve your customers experience.

    Report and accurately track sentiments to understand your customers feelings about you.

    Prepare and predict customer behaviour to improve the customers lifecycle with you through Smartz Analytics.

  • Accelerate your marketing with i-Templates

    Create and design all your outbound communications in a HTML drag & drop design platform within minutes.

    Build password protected templates with data capturing front-end, using advanced analytics to track each template.

    Incorporates deep linking, links, to webhooks and Progressive Web App

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