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Increase your customer engagement and optimise operations through the combined power of Smartz Solutions and Sisense.

“We transform your data into insightful, actionable
dashboards, all while reducing the cost per user – as compared to other BI solutions.”

  • What you can measure, you can manage

    Smartz BI empowers you to visualise critical trends through a complete hosted analytics solution. We do this through real-time dashboards, connecting multiple disparate data sources (with volumes up to billions of records) while reducing the cost per user – as compared to other BI solutions.

    We remove the work associated with gathering, hosting, storing, preparing, transforming and visualising the data, to allow you to read the insights that your data provides.

  • Adopt a data-driven strategy here

    We can assess your needs within days – offering transparent, no-nonsense advice, pricing and strategies. In no time at all, you’ll be reaping the benefits of Smartz BI powered by Sisense at full power.

  • How we help you monetise your data

    We deploy once and optimise, which results in monetising your data. We do this through;
    – Data Strategy & Requirements
    – Data Architecture and UI Design
    – Launch and Maintenance / Rollout and Support

    We work backwards (with the end in mind) from business goals and requirements, collaborating with leadership, department heads, IT, and analytics stakeholders to bring both data science and business strategy to the table.

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