How to Enhance Productivity in Your Business

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How do you stay relevant in this decade or the next? The answer – creating seamless customer experiences. 

The root of these experiences lies in the quality your company can offer its clients, but when your costs are high, and your team is unable to perform at an optimal level, your clients suffer, costing your brand its credibility. The solution is to cut costs, enhance productivity within your teams and offer valuable experiences to your clients. 

But how do you reduce costs and enhance productivity within your organization? By managing the heartbeat of your company, companies remove the pain of laborious weekly data capturing and reduce the hours spent each week turning that data into a report. 

Consumer Friend, who offers sophisticated solutions to their clients were spending hours focusing on tasks that weren’t adding value to their clients. 

We used spreadsheets and had to ensure that the formulas were not disturbed. We had to spend a lot of time putting reports together because every week we used a report that we would have to put together then we would have to create a new report every month. – Zandile Ndadane, QA auditor at Consumer Friend

The substantial reliance on formulas within Excel impacted Consumer Friend’s data accuracy, staff productivity, affecting their quality assessment and surveying. Managers spent hours scanning through hundreds of spreadsheets to locate agent evaluations and feedback to create new weekly reports. The process impacted the management of agents whose shortfalls and improvements were not identified and tracked efficiently enough through the multiple spreadsheets used. 

Reporting internal processing was not the only aspect of the company recorded on spreadsheets. Consumer Friend offers its clients tailored reports, with a variety of different specifications, which takes hours to compile each week. Once Smartz Solutions removed the reliance on spreadsheets, Consumer Friend finally heard the heartbeat of their company.  

How Consumer Friend improved productivity within the business?

Through Smartz Human Asset Management, Consumer Friend gained instant control over their QA assessments, drastically improving the organisation’s agent management. Having control over the quality within the organisation finally gave Consumer Friend the power to control the entire HR process and correlate the trends within the teams. 

Smartz Human Asset Management gave managers and executives control over tracking, managing and auditing data from their own QA assessments, eliminating the need to contract with an outsourced party.  

The QA platform played a significant role in Consumer Friend, identifying vulnerabilities within their teams and addressing them before they impacted the company’s growth. Here they were able to identify top performers through KPI targets and achievements. 

The impact of Smartz Human Asset Management within Consumer Friend

We can pull reports according to any time frame we choose. The number of audits conducted for each employee and their performance is available immediately. 

The QA department’s performance is also available, and we can get those details at the tip of our fingers to measure the team. The reports are very effective, and we are grateful that when we ask for reporting structures as per our organisation’s requirements, the Smartz Solutions Team can make a provision and they don’t stop until they get it right. – Zandile Ndadane, QA auditor at Consumer Friend

Smartz Human Asset Management gave Consumer Friend control to;

  • Track and compare staff’s QA scores to determine and direct training interventions, with the reports available.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Track productivity of QA assessors
  • Allow agents to listen and assess themselves against what the QA assessor has and gain an understanding where they are falling short
  • Reduce the duplication of work


Smartz Solutions worked hand-in-hand with Consumer Friend throughout this transitional journey and as is testament to the applications deployed, we are elated to see the improvement for Consumer Friend’s across their entire business –  in terms of productivity improvements, reduction in costs, getting rid of paper related functions and saving time. The journey continues with Consumer Friend in terms of their business requirements and the ability for Smartz Solutions to deliver these as the need arises, we are delighted to see the impact and difference we have made to their business – Henry McCracken.

The main objectives of the Smartz product range is ease of use, simple to deploy and must be an enhancement to your business. Consumer Friend is a perfect example of these objectives, and once rolled out we saw – within days – how they have taken complete control of managing the platform and how it offers value to their business on a daily basis. Amazing to work with such a creative and forward-thinking company.

How you can monitor the heartbeat of your business

Smartz Human Asset Management is a cloud-based solution that has been built with the definition of Human Asset Management and consolidation of platforms in mind. All modules in the platform are designed for ease-of-use so anybody can manage/design/ configure the system with minimal/no support assistance.

Smartz Human Asset Management leverages the entire management of your human assets enabling you to use one integrated system, which is an effective (cost and otherwise) and consolidated solution for all employee and employer interactions. You will finally be able to correlate trends and understand your company.

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