Making Work From Home Sustainable: Insights from The Smartz Solutions Team

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While the global pandemic continues to drive new consumer behaviours, it is also simultaneously driving new business practices. Working from home (WFH) may be a consequence of global lockdowns and social distancing measures, but even in a post-COVID-19 world, WFH will be the new reality for many businesses.

While thousands are expected to continue in this fashion, there are certain factors we’ve identified as enhancing the entire experience of a business – both customer and employee.

While Smartz Solutions operates with cloud-based applications and was, therefore, more prepared to take on a complete remote-working transition, there are transitional pain points most businesses have identified. 

Here we share insights into how to turn your transitional shift into a sustainable work-from-home process.

Transitioning The Employee Experience 

The new way of working, communicating and collaborating has changed how companies operate and manage their teams. Some factors require more attention than others, such as the right tools and processes in place to assist an employee in working autonomously while actively contributing to the business. 

With Smartz Human Asset Management, the Smartz Solutions team and clients seamlessly transitioned to a complete WFH setup. Employees logged into their portal the same way they would have done at the office. Creating an identical login, ensured teams had access to the tools they needed as well as minimizing the pressure on new support requests. 

Using a full-stack cloud-based system empowered the team to continue onboarding new clients while in lockdown/quarantine and navigated the employee – and essentially the customer – journey effectively.

Through surveys and integrated communication, the team can see the business structure and interact with the people they need to, to maintain productive working environments. 

Maintaining an Effective Experience

When the employee experience is refined and prioritized, the customer experience will naturally follow suit. Once the initial phase of transition came to an end, the long-term sustainability of WFH was evaluated. Through a collaborative effort, our teams stayed in productive contact with each other and used our insights – from Smartz Analytics – to respond and resolve real-time issues.

With a best-in-class communication platform, clients transitioned from a traditional to remote contact centre. This shift catered for the full spectrum of communication channels – social media platforms, telephony, email and SMS etc. – through a true omnichannel solution, Smartz Communication. 

“Smartz Solutions has from the inception created the foundation for remote workers, offering a simple user interface on a cloud-based system that will ensure your business can continue operating,” says Smartz Solutions Managing Director, James Guthrie.

How to adopt long-term WFH 

The core of a remote working solution is the ability to deliver seamless, reliable and secure experiences to access business applications and data. At Smartz Solutions, we deliver this to you via a feature-rich, agile cloud application. To ensure you maintain high quality and uninterrupted capabilities to assist your clients, we developed advanced collaboration and communication abilities for you. 

More about Smartz Communication  

Dynamically connect with your customers on the channel they prefer through intelligent campaigns, sentiment analysis, bots, and A.I.D. (Smartz proprietary technology). Experience communication with your customers on a host of channels, including; WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Voice (inbound & outbound), Email, Two-Way SMS, WebChat and I-Templates. We seamlessly consolidate communication data from all disparate systems on a single dashboard to manage.

Want something long-term? We’ve developed the solutions to empower you to offer a better customer and employee journey. Contact us here for more information. 


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