Insights from Smartz Solutions on Leveraging Intelligent Composable Business?

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The pandemic highlighted the need for agile environments, cloud technologies and remote working capabilities and with that the need for an intelligent composable business model. 

With decades of experience in the industry, the Smartz Solutions global team shared their expertise and insight into leveraging intelligent composable business in 2021. 

Will businesses start leveraging Intelligent Composable Business? 

While this is likely to become a business-as-usual operation in the future, this will not be the case immediately. Most companies have made substantial investments into their infrastructure, and they will still focus on maximizing their ROI on this before adding additional costs. Over the years, businesses have customized their on-premise solutions significantly. 

To simply move would add additional risk and expense. If the migration is done in a slow, staggered approach and with the right partners, businesses can move over with minimal risk to their operations and phase in a cloud-based/digital solution. 

What the 2021 climate looks like for cloud technologies.

Cloud technologies will continue to grow rapidly in most global markets. Due to the ease of ownership and the lower costs, smaller, more agile companies are likely to be in a better position when making the shift to cloud-based platforms as they are not expected to be burdened by legacy or customized applications. 

Large organizations have large stacks of technologies and customized applications which is likely to create an environment that for the first time will level the playing field for smaller businesses to better serve their customers, who traditionally have had larger budgets to fund infrastructure that can now be solved with light, web-based applications.

The first area of business to migrate to composable practices.

The first step for any businesses would be to understand their employees and their customer requirements. Once you understand these two critical areas, you can start to focus on what your employees and customers want, not what the business thinks they want. 

Once this transition process has started, every step must be measured and continuously refined. It is not something that can be started and then abandoned. It needs to be ingrained into the DNA of the company. This translates to businesses usually focusing on internal processes, security and operations first before venturing into client-facing operations. 

The consequences of not leveraging Intelligent Composable Business?

Like most technologies and disruptions, if they are not explored, you are likely to get left behind. If businesses are not constantly innovating, and moving forward, other companies simply leverage technologies better which create ‘catchup’ scenarios. When companies leave migrations and modernization for too long, the catchup game tends to become further out of reach, creating a dangerous situation to navigate. 

How data, security and intelligent composable business work together? 

Security is the number one risk to any application and business. As seen in many industries, breaches are occurring more from within a company than from the outside. It is for that reason that companies should ensure that all their partners are compliant to best practice within their platforms to minimize risk as far as possible. Security will remain a critical factor in application selection and integration for the foreseeable future. 

How Smartz Solutions leverages intelligent composable business.

Smartz Solutions believes that by bringing the customer, company and employee closer together, you can achieve a total experience. It is not merely about offering technology but a platform and partnership to move forward with and support their strategies. Our technology maps and enhances the customer journey, through AI, Human Account Management, Analytics, Reporting, Sentients, bots (and more) working together in harmony. Read more about our Suite here: 

About Smartz Solutions 

Smartz Solutions specializes in managing customer and employee experiences through our enabling technology. Our success is based on technological foresight and strong business knowledge, enabling us to develop integrated solutions that meet your business needs.

Our power lies in turning insights into strategies and giving you the power to make effective business decisions. Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have developed a suite of products that include the entire customer engagement journey offering best-in-class, world-class applications in a single end-to-end CX and EX platform.


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