Improving the Customer Experience Journey While Reducing Costs

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How do you minimise company costs while increasing customer loyalty and digital engagement? By achieving a true customer-centric approach to communication through a single sign-on Smartz Solutions cloud-based solution – Smartz Communication. When Van De Venter Mojapelo (VVM), a prominent BPO, moved to Smartz Communications, as part of their digital transformation initiative, the company accelerated their contact centre growth while reducing their contact centre technology infrastructure costs by 34.75% in their first year of adoption alone. 

How did VVM improve their Customer Experience Journey? 

The first step in achieving a seamless customer experience approach in your business is understanding your communication strategy. With this focus, VVM identified the multiple systems they used to run their communications and how the various systems they used to monitor them. With Smartz Communications, VVM consolidated their disparate systems into one unified platform. 

Agents now work in a multi-channel unified environment where they can;

  • Handle inbound and outbound calls
  • Attend to a Live Chats
  • Respond to social media communications (WhatsApp, text messages, iMessages etc.)
  • Generate campaigns and build templates on the go.

As a business, we can communicate through customers’ preferred channels in a more convenient setting for our various stakeholders. This focus has helped build our brand whilst improving our profile. – Lior Woznica, CEO, VVM

Through a focused CX strategy, VVM saw a significant improvement in profitability and in turn the ROI from their investment in Smartz Communications

In the first 18 months of use, VVM saw a drop in consumer complaints by 85% per month. This reduction was as a result of increased productivity through; 

  • Reduction of agent idle time,
  • Upskilling agents with the new, emerging technology which Smartz Communications offered, 
  • Improved response time and thus service levels

VVM currently processes approximately 40,000 omnichannel interactions per month, with consistent month on month increases. By adopting an omnichannel strategy and in turn, offering more improved customer journeys, Smartz Communications provided focused insights. Through the use of Smartz analytics reports and dashboards and by making the necessary changes to the business, VVM reduced its inbound voice traffic by over 40%. Of these interactions, 22% of the non-voice traffic resulted in securing repayments and arrangements. 

“For a credit management business like ours, figures like these are key in accelerating and maintaining our position in the industry.” – Lior Woznica

How VVM Reduced Costs and Saw Business Growth with Smartz Communications?

The move to a cloud-based solution resulted in the removal of the various disparate applications, which yielded substantial financial benefits. Through Smartz Solutions, VVM avoided a 350,000 USD server upgrade while improving their cybersecurity. 

Smartz Solutions’ licensing fees resulted in a significant reduction in cost for VVM, additional support which allowed the VVM support team to take less strain as well as easy integration for the VVM development team. 

 Our training needs have been simplified by not having to train on multiple systems. One unified platform makes our training more focused and beneficial when it comes to upskilling VVM staff. The Smartz Communications platform has presented us with a very straight forward and beneficial ROI! – Lior Woznica

Accelerated Customer Experience with Sentiment Analysis in VVM 

Through Smartz Communications sentiment analysis and interaction ratings, VVM assessed (at agent and portfolio level) how their clients feel about their service. Through monitoring their sentiment scores through all their communications, VVM accelerated their client sentiments to 70.21% positive with a new benchmark target of 80% in the coming months.

Through these significant results, in only 18 months, VVM increased their use of Smartz Communications from 5 agents licenses to over 500 licenses (and growing monthly) due to the overall cost reduction in the company [34.75% in the first year alone] as well as the significant growth in customers’ experiences.

These results not only demonstrate the commitment we have to ourt WeCare initiative, but it reflects the commitment Smartz Solutions have in offering a solution that allows us to stay at the forefront of our industry! – Lior Woznica

The future of VVM with Smartz Communications?

VVM focuses on building on their existing customer journeys. To do this, they are currently  deploying more of the functionality that Smartz Communications has to offer, including the use of; 

  • The VVM custom bot (developed specifically for their needs) integrates and engages in their entire workflow. Through this integration, the bot fetches live statements or any information related to the customer in real-time. The information will then empower the VVM agent to know and effectively assist the customer in their queue.
  • Through an upgraded IVR with full digital channel integration, VVM will utilize the full power of the intelligent dialler. This will further assist VVM in creating streamlined communication with customers and proactively reduce idle time and increase productivity through its real-time predictive analytics. 
  • Further incorporation of the sentiment score into the Quality assurance scorecard. This addition will drastically impact the quality within the organization. By integrating the sentiment analysis results into the QA process, VVM has the power to understand and react to each interaction to and from their company. This will further assist in upskilling agents and identifying trends effectively while holistically improving the quality in their communications. 
  • Integration of Smartz Communications into our web portal

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and as a service provider, Smartz Solutions is helping VVM remain at the forefront of service and innovation. We are super excited about this partnership and what it has to offer. – Lior Woznica