How to ramp up your Contact Centre’s Digital Transformation Strategy

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In a post-pandemic world, the new normal will require you to deploy the right technology in the right environment, at the right time. Your digital strategy will, therefore, need a streamlined approach to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers. 

While work-from-home is likely to remain in place for many companies (at least for the foreseeable future), not everyone is at the same level yet. McKinsey noted in a recent survey that more than 60% of companies had paused their digital transformation. 

While business, as usual, has continued as best it could; the time is coming to look at kick-starting your process. Here are three ways you can restart the transformation journey in your contact centre. 

Deploy your omnichannel contact centre

People want to be helped on the channel of their choice at a time that is convenient for them. This means that you have to understand that the customer’s journey doesn’t begin at one place and end at another. 

Today’s digital environment encourages almost a multitude of touchpoints to connect with businesses. To thrive, CX enthusiasts need to consider – and track – the entire customer journey. 

Without mapping the entire customer journey, your business is likely to run into critical customer service issues. The key is to assess the easiest solution for your customer, not just the easiest solution for your business. 

Integrate your contact centre by using surveys feedback, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics. Your contact centre agents will have more information available to them through both automated processes and others, to make real-time decisions, which impact your customers positively. 

Go cloud & don’t look back

Cloud migration was a hot topic a few years ago; now it’s a business necessity. “How quickly can we migrate to the cloud”, is the only question businesses are focusing on and if you are a contact centre, your time to adapt was yesterday. Navigating in a hybrid environment will be the best practice for contact centres, which means that your systems need to support your offsite and onsite teams.  

To compete in this environment, companies need to deploy agile, cloud capabilities that work in a centralised, efficient manner. Ensure your solutions provider meets your requirements of a WFH environment with security and support.

Explore a full-stack solution here.

Unify all crossover channel interactions

We navigate through multiple channels daily, jumping from one social platform to email to voice to text. These digital patterns have created overwhelming pressure for contact centres to respond to and service.

While digital transformation is the road to customer experience optimisation, many companies have digitised purely for the sake of digitising. This type of transformation almost always results in gaps and miscommunications.

To ensure your contact centre manages platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, voice, email and all the other platforms, you should invest in bringing all the tools together in a single integrated system. Unifying your communications will create a collaborative contact centre with the power to track and map customer journeys accurately.

Thriving in the new age will require you to deploy and manage an integrated omnichannel contact centre. Now is the time to kick start your digital journey, and there is no better way to assess the spectrum of your needs than with Smartz Solutions. Read more here.

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