How to manage millennials in the workplace

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Millennials are one of modern history’s most discussed, most researched, and often most maligned generations. But today, they also make up 35% of the American workforce, and it’s important for contact center leaders to understand who they are, what they want, and how best to manage them. 

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, ranging in age from 26 to 41 in 2022. While this generation is in varying stages of life, they still share many common characteristics;

Millennials are a highly educated generation. Nearly 40% have some college or a college degree. 

Millennials want employers to value them as people, not just workers. Both younger and older millennials said that an organization that cares about their well-being was the top factor they looked for in an employer, even before the pandemic.

Millennials are ready to move on if they are dissatisfied with their job. 25% of those who changed jobs last year were millennials.

Managing millennials in your contact center

Managing millennials in the workplace doesn’t require the constant hand-holding that memes and articles might have you believe. Instead, millennial behaviors and values can be a significant factor in your contact centers success. 

Finding the right approach for training, communicating, and motivating millennial agents requires you to understand their needs and ensure they stay engaged – the same you would for any other generation. 

A Gallup poll revealed that while 61% of millennials say they have regular meetings with their manager, only 19% say they routinely get feedback about how they’re doing, and only 15% ask for it. This means millennials struggle to receive the input they need to stay engaged. As team leaders, supervisors and managers, keeping this front of mind when engaging with your team will go a long way in creating seamless communication.

Ensuring you provide consistent feedback to your millennial teams, Smartz Solutions will enable you to measure and identify KPIs important to your teams – giving you a holistic view of the metrics needed. The right tool will automatically give agents continuous feedback based on their results, so they’re never left wondering how they’re doing.

Customer experiences are only as good as the experiences you offer your employees. 

When employees are motivated, inspired and informed, your business will become more productive, profitable and purpose-driven. When employees have great experiences, they can offer those same experiences to customers. Start giving your employees the experiences they deserve through Workforce Engagement Management with Smartz Engage.