How to enhance the agent experience in your hybrid contact center

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Hybrid working has its advantages. Employees can work from any location with more flexibility and choices around their working hours. However, while there are many advantages, the agent experience is suffering. 

How do you keep agents engaged and create seamless experiences within your hybrid contact center? 

While the broader organization impacts the employee experience, agent engagement is primarily influenced by an employee’s manager through job assignments, trust, communication, and recognition. Agents engaged in their work are more focused and operate with a sense of urgency that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To understand where your contact center is ranging in terms of employee engagement, analyze your employee engagement by observing the following: 

  • How distracted and unmotivated do employees seem/feel?
  • Are there negative attitudes toward managers and colleagues
  • Do you notice that employees are disinterested in promotions or stretch assignments
  • How responsive are employees  to emails and chats

If warning lights flash as you read this list, it is time to consider ways to improve the agent experience in your hybrid contact center. Here are a few engagements tips to drum up engagement in your hybrid environment;

Consistent communication

The successful leadership of a hybrid workforce starts with clear, consistent communication. Regular and clear communication is fundamental to a positive employee experience and ensuring your team feels connected, informed, and engaged.

Equipping your teams with the right tools 

A critical part of the employee experience is equipping your agents with the tools they need to do their jobs. After all, you can’t expect your hybrid team to deliver top-notch customer service if they can’t access the information or solutions they need when working off-site.

A cloud-based workforce management solution is a must-have for hybrid teams. It’s critical to provide agents with tools that address every channel, reduce complexity, and help advance your organization and KPIs.


Don’t underestimate the power a simple “thank you” can have on the employee experience. Another systematic way to implement effective recognition is through gamification. Using Smartz Solutions, you can effectively create engagement through cloud-based gamification.

Customer experiences are only as good as the experiences you offer your employees. 

When employees are motivated, inspired and informed, your business will become more productive, profitable and purpose-driven. When employees have great experiences, they can offer those same experiences to customers. Start giving your employees the experiences they deserve through Workforce Engagement Management with Smartz Engage.