White Paper: A.I.D (Automated Interaction Distribution)

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Improve the customer experience journey by understanding and simplifying customer interactions through intelligent routing and machine learning methodologies. A.I.D (Automated Interaction Distribution) is a unique Smartz Solutions developed technology that reduces the complexity of delivering seamless real-time experiences to clients. Operating within the Smartz Solutions cloud, A.I.D – a vital proponent of Smartz Communication –  seamlessly enhances your ability to automate a positive outcome in your CX journey. By building profiles on each customer that you interact with, through both inbound and outbound communication, A.I.D assigns a conversation to an agent with a similar profile to ensure a positive outcome in the interaction.


Key Benefits of A.I.D

  • Sentiment Analysis analyzes each inbound and outbound interaction between you and your customer.
  • Using Sentiment Analysis, user allocation rules and Smartz Bot, the A.I.D will intelligently route a conversation.
  • The A.I.D builds profiles on the interactions, ensuring customer’s experiences a positive experience each time they communicate with you. 
  • Uses detailed reporting to enable accurate profile building through Smartz Analytics. 
  • Records data in real-time empowering effective decision making and intelligent routing.


Sentiment Analysis


An automated distribution solution, such as A.I.D focuses on the interactions with your company by utilizing machine learning methodologies, sophisticated sentiment analysis and chatterbots. Targetted to in-depth natural language learning, the sentiment analysis looks at phrasing as well as keywords, giving more accurate indications as to how the bots should engage with the interaction, alerting human intervention when needed. Outcomes are based on the sentiments of the conversation and the score given by a customer at the end. If a customer was dissatisfied, in the previous interaction (assessed through sentiment analysis and chat score rating), the A.I.D would match this customer to a different agent with a similar profile in the next interaction. The A.I.D factors in the chat rating, if customers choose to participate. A customer with an existing profile/history will always be routed to the previous agent considering the outcome was positive. 


Data Analysis 

Each interaction is recorded and stored. This feeds information into the intelligent dialler and campaign manager to adjust campaign queues with real-time information. A.I.D will gather all publicly available information on the customer and store this data. Based on the recorded data, the A.I.D feeds information to the intelligent dialler. Data ranges from sentiment analysis, publicly available information, chat ratings, previous interactions, as well as information on the customer’s account with the company. 


Profile Building


Based on machine learning methodologies, the A.I.D builds and updates profiles with real-time information. Based data collected as well as sentiment scores of interactions the customer had, the A.I.D creates a profile that can be matched with the profile of an agent.


Intelligent Dialler


Based on the customer’s profile, and data, the intelligent routing system – based on machine learning methodologies – will direct the customer to the agent with similar profiles. It monitors the wait time of customers and redirects the interaction to another agent with a similar profile if the wait time is longer than the recommended time frame. The intelligent dialler monitors the conversation between the customer and the bots and transfers the customer to a human agent if it deems necessary. A.I.D will remove the conversation from the agent inbox and transfer data if conversations are transferred from bot-to-agent or agent-to-agent.


Real-time Reporting


The A.I.D routes and manages data in real-time, offering users automated intelligence in their campaigns. Users can see and manage their campaigns through the Campaign Manager, where the A.I.D updates each customer’s profile. Users can view the sentiment rankings of agents, the level of satisfaction amongst customers and the interactions of individual agents should they want to review. The A.I.D uses the sentiment scores, customer ranking scores, bots and profiles to update the interaction queues for agents. This real-time reporting ensures agents always have accurate, updated data on the customer they are engaging with. Powered by Smartz Analytics, users can extract reports to review. 

Smartz Communication Components


Smartz Communication is a complete cloud-based customer communication platform. This full-stack platform provides all the required communication tools for all your inbound and outbound channels, including all Omni Channel/multi-channel support to assist in clients in their CX journey effectively. 

Communicate with your customers on the channel they prefer with a host of channels including; WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Voice (inbound & outbound), Email, Two-Way SMS, WebChat and I-Templates. Smartz Communications seamlessly consolidates communication data from all disparate systems on a single dashboard to manage.

Through A.I.D, sentiment analysis, bots, and analytics, users can access information on a single platform, to track, manage, and intuitively report on the journey of your customer’s interactions with your company.

To craft the perfect CX journey, Smartz Communication utilizes; Smartz Sentiment Analysis, User Allocation rules and Smartz Bot, while allowing the A.I.D to determine the routing of a conversation. 


Key Features and Benefits


  • Ensures positive customer interactions
  • Accurately builds profiles on inbound and outbound communication
  • Using real-time analysis, track customer interactions with an AI-driven sentiment engine to make critical business predictions based on historical events and campaigns.
  • Prepare and predict customer behaviour to improve the customers’ lifecycle with you through Smartz Analytics. 
  • Automatic alerts are triggered to supervisors when negative sentiments are recorded.
  • Improves your customer and self-service capability by minimizing agent transfers through consistent responses and answers. 
  • Increase business productivity with 24/7 work output while reducing costs. 
  • Smartz Bots increase Employee productivity by removing mundane tasks it can handle.