4 ways to motivate your employees in a remote environment

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Even before COVID-19 forced a wave of remote working, there was a surge in working from home. In fact, from 2005 to 2007, there was a 157% increase in remote working. Remote working has immense benefits, but managing a team almost entirely remotely can be tricky. The good news is that there are ways to motivate your team to empower, recharge and inspire them remotely.

Here are 4 ways you can motivate your employees while working remotely.

1. Acknowledge and affirm
Although remote workers have likely proved their productivity and efficiency while working outside the traditional office, recognition for a job well done is often lost. Often when team members complete a great project or offer exceptional customer service, businesses can see that as just ‘business-as-usual’; however, studies continue to show the relationship between affirmation and increased productivity.

Make recognition highly visible and emphasize the valuable contributions your team makes to the business. When team members are acknowledged and congratulated, it enforces greater empowerment within the broader teams and business itself.

2. Clarify Goals
The easiest way to motivate employees is to offer clear goals and objectives. When communication is clear around the team’s objective, it is much easier to see the dynamics of the team in play. Just like any other employees, remote workers need clear direction of what is expected in terms of objectives and company goals.

In a 2016 Forbes article, Victor Lipman notes that “if expectations are completely clear and preferably mutually agreed-upon, it helps to bring the entire remote working arrangement into clearer focus.” Setting expectations is a motivator for remote workers.

3. Assist with time management
One of the obstacles reported by remote workers is their ability to manage their time effectively. They have the freedom to take care of household chores, go to a doctor’s appointment, spend time with their children and more, but may struggle with scheduling focused work time into their day.

Providing tools and training that can help remote workers better manage their time is a great motivator. It shows that management cares, and it gives them resources to help on their path to success.

4. Emphasize culture
The importance of company culture is often overlooked. Belonging is essential, and in a remote working environment, the feeling of belonging can be complicated. When developing a company culture with remote employees, focus on communication and engagement.

Nurturing a culture within an organization requires trust. Remote workers should be brought together frequently to promote cohesiveness and identify which traits are dominant with the team. Once you can establish each individual’s value sets, it is easier to find common ground and enhance their belonging. By including remote workers in company meetings and other events regularly, a common thread of culture is more easily shared by all.

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