3 Ways to Respond to Customer Experience Challenges during COVID-19

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We are in the middle of a massive disruption which brands and whole industries will mark as the beginning of the ‘new normal’. Within this inflection point lies a certainty that the way we engage with traditional experiences will not be the case in 2020 and beyond. COVID-19 has posed another challenge for companies; 

How do you deliver an optimized customer experience? 

1. Stay as far away from reactive as possible

There is a unique opportunity for companies to be proactive during COVID-19. The chances are your clients would welcome additional information or assistance. Don’t wait for them to ask you for help, assess their needs as quickly as possible and aim to offer them solutions to keep them moving forward.

More than 3.3 billion people are in isolation/lockdown, which shows the urgent need to drive multichannel engagement when physical interactions are not possible. Proactively approaching your clients’ needs will improve your relevance during this time, leading to remembered loyalty in the long run.

2. Acknowledge Emotions

You won’t know until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Now is the time to walk in your client’s shoes and understand their emotions. You’ll need to manage your customer relationship in both the functional (support) ways and the emotional ways to be effective during this crisis. 

When companies respond with compassion and understanding to their clients, they are rewarded. During this crisis, they are rewarded by audiences who are waiting for companies to be proactively compassionate. In offering customers an experience that takes into account their issues – information from data, they know you are privy to – you’re embedding your brand into the lives of your customers. This embedding will lead to customer retention and ensure you emerge out of the storm. 

3. Utilize Technologies

With waves of uncertainty washing over each country, customers are searching for answers. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, contact centres are facing new unprecedented challenges – unpredictable working environments as well as unpredictable call volumes. 

By using cloud and chatbot technology to solve simple queries, you’re offering immediate response times to clients. With additional human intervention support, you can ensure your CX journey remains seamless. 

A complete omnichannel solution will empower you to deal with customer interactions while keeping their experience with you at it’s usual – if not better – level of experience. Read more about a cloud solution that can keep communication seamless, empowering you to navigate through this pandemic. 

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