3 Ways to Meet Rising Employee Expectations

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New realities require new priorities. The truth is employee expectations have dramatically evolved since the pandemic. With changes in working conditions and models, the growing need for remote work or a hybrid workplace has gained tremendous traction. 

While this change in the working environment is welcomed, businesses naturally struggle to navigate some unique challenges employees face. Here are three ways you can reshape culture and leadership for a sustainable hybrid workplace and meet the expectations of your employees and future talent pool.

  1. Bridge the gap between all experiences

Some employees will be more remote in hybrid work, despite how well teams coordinate their in-office days. It can get frustrating for remote colleagues who cannot participate equally and become less engaged. It can be equally as frustrating to build connections with remote colleagues as someone who works from the office.

Integrating physical spaces with user-friendly technology is one way to bridge the gap. For a more seamless and inclusive hybrid collaboration experience, ensure that teams use systems that foster collaboration. Using solution providers such as Smartz Solutions, team experiences can be fostered through a cloud-based platform. 

  1. Shift your thinking on training and skills development

Upskilling and career development can’t take a backseat. In the modern working world, the key to an engaged workforce is maintaining consistent learning o[ppiortunitiues. Offering easy-to-access upskilling and training creates an environment for teams to grow in their roles and grow within the organization. 

  1. Connect expectations to clear metrics 

The first step is, of course, setting realistic expectations with your teams. When colleagues know what is expected of themselves and each other, they are more likely to engage in constructive collaboration. 

Another part of learning to set employee expectations is defining clear metrics for your team. Attaching metrics to expectations can be tricky; however, without these metrics, teams may not be as clear on the expectations as you think. 

Customer experiences are only as good as the experiences you offer your employees. 

When employees are motivated, inspired and informed, your business will become more productive, profitable and purpose-driven. When employees have great experiences, they can offer those same experiences to customers. Start giving your employees the experiences they deserve through Workforce Engagement Management with Smartz Engage.

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