3 ways that AI is Improving the Customer Experience

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a leading trend in technology for years, and in 2021, this has become an essential part of a compelling customer experience strategy. AI is showing exponential power in providing hyper-personalized experiences and leveraging data with great power and efficiency. 

A customer experience report on the Future of Work from Robert Half showed that 39% of IT leaders are currently leveraging AI or ML (machine learning), with 33% saying they predict they will use AI within three years.  

AI has significant benefits for businesses looking to improve their customer life cycles, and in this article, we will dive into the 3 ways AI will improve your customer experience strategy.

1. Real-time and predictive behavior insights

Real-time decision-making is the ability to decide based on the most recent data available, such as data from a current interaction that a customer is having with a business — with near-zero latency. 

Predictive analytics is the process of working with statistics, data mining, and modelling to make predictions. With AI analyzing large amounts of data in record time, it leverages predictive analytics producing real-time, actionable insights that guide interactions between customers and businesses. 

Real-time decision making can be used for more effective marketing and communicating to customers. Through AI and real-time insights, businesses can recognize and understand a customer’s intent through the data they offer in real-time. By leveraging the information effectively, companies can provide customers with personalized experiences and predict behaviors that will impact their profitability. 

2. Hyper-personalization 

Hyper-personalization is a combination of AI and real-time data. Combines this delivers content that is relevant to a customer. Consumers and businesses are embracing conversational AI because it offers personalized experiences. These experiences are much quicker and more convenient than traditional ways of interacting with companies. 

With a more personalized experience, AI can help remove the pain points in the customer journey. A significant source of frustration comes from customers having to repeat their issues or information over the phone to multiple agents and still not have their issue resolved. As businesses adopt a more focused approach to hyper-personalization, they will offer a simplified experience for the customers and better understand them for future interactions. 

3. The era of chatbots

In a 2020 MIT Technology Review survey, 1004 business leaders indicated that customer service via chatbots is the most used application of AI currently deployed. 73% of respondents indicated that by 2022, it will still be the top use of AI in companies, followed closely by sales and marketing at 59%. 

Another customer experience report from Capgemini indicated that 54% of customers said they have daily AI-enabled interactions with businesses, including chatbots, digital assistants, biometric scanners, and 49% of customers found AI interactions to be trustworthy.

The usefulness of these AI chatbots are seen time and time again, and in 2021 this will be the primary focus for many companies looking to improve their customer experience. Further AI-powered chatbots are a valuable tool that can save companies money while empowering customers to deal with minor issues on their own time.

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