3 Steps for Boosting Customer Experience

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Customer experiences are not isolated events. Whether it’s a bad review, a recommendation to a friend, or a rant to a neighbor, experiences spread like wildfire. As a result, customer experience will be the most critical differentiator between brands, overtaking both price and product, something we are seeing in real-time today. 

However, the main problem with customer experience management is how you improve something so challenging to measure. Here are three steps to help you accomplish exactly that:

1. Understand customer needs and expectations

Who are your clients? And who is your target audience? Do you know what they need and what you can provide for them? These are all critical questions to answer. Giving your customers what they want is impossible if you do not know what that is. Therefore, every company representative should have a clear image of your customer base and their wants and needs, from sales and marketing to customer service.

How can you know what your clients want? The best way is to ask them. Poll your customers, study their habits, and scan reviews and social channels. See what works, what doesn’t, and what they would like more of.

2. Understand customer patterns and trends 

Once you understand your customers, you must figure out how they behave. A big part of understanding your customers is understanding how to reach them. Where are they most likely to be responsive to communication? Is your demographic more likely to be found on Facebook or LinkedIn? Do they prefer to be helped over the phone, through social channels or live chat, or would they instead find their own solutions via customer portals, FAQ pages, etc.?

Take the time to understand and map your customers’ journey. This data will help inform and effectively shape how you manage customer expectations. 

3. Use the right CX tools 

Fostering customer experiences that matter requires the right strategy and the right tools. Statistics show that using the right tools is integral to providing and managing an optimum customer experience that can boost revenue.

Customer experiences are only as good as the experiences you offer your employees. 

When employees are motivated, inspired and informed, your business will become more productive, profitable and purpose-driven. In addition, when employees have great experiences, they can offer those same experiences to customers. 

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Modern businesses must offer the technology to support the remote, virtual and mobile workers while supporting the buying patterns of their customers. Total experience extends beyond perfecting the customer experience. It takes into account the employee and user experience and how this impacts the journeys your business offers.

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