3 simple steps to kickstart your Total Experience strategy in 2021

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Whether you are a large corporate or a small business, total experience will need to be a priority in your business. However, coming out of 2020, you might have reallocated your budget and resources to support your company. You’re not alone in this, which is why we’re giving you three steps to kick start your total experience strategy in 2021. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Map Your Customer Journeys

Most companies have a way of mapping journeys, but the key to total experience is consolidating all these journeys. Do an internal audit of all the applications and strategies you are currently using. Identify the different metrics and KPIs you measure for the channels. View these journeys in a critical light, identify the time you are taking to wrap up customer touchpoints and where the problem areas are. Identify which path creates the least resistance for a customer. 

Once you map out that ideal journey, you need to consolidate your data. If your applications are not supporting a total experience for the customer – which means you support the customer through every touchpoint in your business – then you should identify solutions that could help your business goals and your budget. 

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2. Map Your Employee Journeys

For some companies, the employee experience was something to be explored, but not a priority, but since the pandemic started, it has become more prevalent than ever before. Remote working has shown companies how vital a well managed, happy workforce is, and the ripple effects of a mismanagement of their experiences. Map the complete journey an employee takes when they start at your business. 

What is your onboarding process like? Is there enough support structures and do the current support structures offer value to your teams? Is there sufficient communication within departments? Do your employees know where they sit in the business and what they add to the organizations? These are some of the questions that can help determine the data you should focus on when mapping the employee journey. 

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3. Track, analyze and manage the CX & EX journey

The key to total experience is the consolidation of your employee and customer experience. How does anyone interact with your business? Get an overview of both your journeys and make intersections between customers and employees. Start tracking changes in employee experience and how your CX indicators respond. 

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