3 Reasons Why Your Contact Centre Needs to Handle Social Media

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Customers have used social media to communicate with brands and make decisions on product purchases for well over a decade. While most companies have shifted to using some social platforms as a primary source of marketing communication, they often leave the customer engagement blunders to the contact centre agents to resolve, without the tools to deliver the customers expectations

The global pandemic is driving new consumer behaviours. This is the time to truly engage CX analytics and insights as drivers for growth that, in turn, drive customer contact programmes to deliver effective sales through service initiatives. According to the latest Global Webindex report on consumer behaviour; retail customers are seeking experiences as much as products with 57% stating they would,’ rather spend money on a unique experience than a status brand’. 36% would ‘buy a product/service simply for the experience of being part of the community built around it.’ 

The disconnect between your social media marketing team and your contact centre teams can impact your CX results drastically. Is it time to bring social media channels into your contact centre? 

Streamline Customer Experiences 

There is a strong connection between social media engagement and your contact centre. When companies integrate these channels and have an understanding of their customer journey, there is usually a more cohesive brand voice as well as a general improvement in customer response time and engagement. 

Customers are using social media more than ever to raise concerns or queries about their accounts or purchases. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the platform you implement, tracks and reports on the complete customer journey to empower your agents to see the complete picture of your customer. 

Contact centres need to be better equipped to offer customers the level of support they expect when engaging online. Marketing and brand management teams are well-positioned to establish and develop brand guidelines and campaigns which, in most cases, is not aligned to the service being provided in the contact centre. Social media teams are usually not held to the same KPI’s of a contact centre and therefore do not achieve the same type of results a contact centre produces in response time and clearing tickets. 

A contact centre agent with the right tools and platform can respond or escalate an issue with a customer far quicker. A contact centre can ensure a customer does not repeat their current issue –  or previous issues –  to every department they are escalated to but instead has a record of the problem and therefore can seamlessly resolve it, despite the channel shifts. These factors significantly contribute to improving the CX of your customers. All of this improves the CX of your customers.

Reduction in Costs 

While customer and employee experience are generally high focal points for most C-Execs in companies, there is still a strong focus on identifying factors that will increase their ROI. When channels aren’t siloed, customers will have a more unified communication experience and therefore be more loyal to the brand and a justifiable ROI will be achieved.  

Customers tend to try multiple avenues to get a response out of a company. Most times, they contact a company through voice, but if they foresee a long wait time, they will likely contact them through a social media platform. When your contact centre manages all these channels, you can seamlessly locate information a customer is searching for without escalating it to different departments unnecessarily. 

This centralized view of information will enhance customer experiences resulting in positive sentiments, ratings and create a better revenue stream. Customers who feel connected with a company are more likely to return and will spend more time considering your offers. 

Enhance employee engagement

Customers want a convenient experience. Unsurprisingly the same goes for each employee. Customer service departments often feel they are overworked, and undervalued, one reason being they deal with the wrath of angry customers venting their frustrations about slow social media responses or inaccurate information shared by the social media teams. This leads to increased employee frustration. 

Streamlining social media into the contact centre will allow agents to have a complete picture of the customer they are dealing with and will offer a better service to them. When you remove this barrier to communicate with your customers and simplify the process, you give power back to your agents, thereby increasing agents’ sentiment and satisfying customers. These factors lead to increased customer retention leading to an increase in revenue. 

How to unify these communications?

When contact centres take ownership of social media communications, businesses notice new trends emerge within customer service. Employees have a better grasp on interactions as they have the full view of the customer journey and customer’s experience of better service from companies. 

If your contact centre is ready to explore the benefits of an integrated communication solution, Smartz Solutions can assist. Smartz Solutions offers you the opportunity to create single touchpoints for customers and harness a simplified user experience. 

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