3 Management Techniques to Use in Call Centers in 2021

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This era’s contact center experience is filled with unprecedented challenges ranging from remote working to increased real-time behaviour analysis, all in an increasingly competitive environment. 

Through smart technology, contact centers can hope to achieve significant improvements in their employee and customer experience journeys and their business intelligence environment. 

Let’s dive into the management techniques you can implement in your contact center in 2021. 

1. Leadership styles that fit your team

Management often serves as the guiding light for a team; looking for daily guidance and direction. The first step in improving your call center experience is rooting your actions in a leadership style that benefits your team. 

There are four commonly effective leadership styles to choose from and align to:

The Assertive Leader: leaders who build their teams up. This is a leader who is firm but fair. They are actively involved with agents. 

The Experience Coach: leaders who focus on individualism. Every conversation and one-on-one is personalized. You know that providing relevant feedback improves agents’ well-being and customer satisfaction. 

The Democratic Leader: leaders who seek input from team members. These leaders offer agents a sense of ownership in their roles. 

The Strategic Leader: leaders who balance employee wants and needs with the bigger goals of the company. 

2. Clarity in the expectations

Agents can go long periods, unaware of how their daily actions affect company growth. When agents have a clear understanding of how they fit into an organization and how their role impacts its development; more often than not, agents find purpose in their daily tasks.

A key focus point should be to set periodic contact center goals and use relevant metrics to track them.

Without the relevant metrics in place to measure the progress, a team might not have a clear picture of how they fit into your ecosystem. To empower your agents to succeed in their role, clarify their goals and how they will be measured. 

3. Employee Empowerment through training 

In a fast-paced environment that’s continuously evolving; managers should focus more on building trust and empowerment with your team.

In a Harvard Business Review piece, a 4-step technique which uses adaptive leadership has been used to fuel agent engagement and empowerment in your company. 

These four steps are; 

  1. Anticipate the needs of your agents and your customers. Limit ‘unexpected’ challenges as far as possible.
  2. Clearly articulate the needs of your business/project. By identifying these needs, you will build understanding and support with your agents. 
  3. Adapt as you go. Recalibrate coaching based on new customer insights and the performance data analyzed.
  4. Be accountable for the team and the decisions you make that influence the company’s goals and progress.  

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