3 Common Contact Center Challenges & How To Solve Them

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Contact centres have evolved into multichannel communication hubs, and with the growing list of platforms, the environment is becoming more challenging to support. Together with the rise of the pandemic and the ever-increasing technological channels available to customers, the pressure on contact centres globally has forced the industry to move in new directions. 

While most contact centres are making critical changes to optimize processes, there are still problems that remain at the forefront, impacting agent productivity, workflow processes, customer experience and reporting. Here are a few of the most evident challenges and how you can solve them!

#1 Bad Customer Experiences are under the spotlight 

Keyboard warriors are more in control than ever. With each passing year, the digital age becomes more entrenched in everyday life, making consumer habits far more online than ever before. Social media channels can magnify one bad customer experience into a PR nightmare. 

The Solution: To avoid bad customer experiences becoming online disasters, call centre agents should have access to an integrated communications platform that empowers them to switch between social channels seamlessly while maintaining all the information in a central place. Ditch the silo’s and integrate into a true omnichannel cloud-based solution.

#2 Accurate Reporting and Analytics

Contact centres are the motherload of data. With high volumes of data collected daily, contact centres need accurate reports and analytics; however, most are unable to produce these. Reports are fed to numerous departments that allow for business continuity and growth. Still, without real-time analytics, it’s near impossible to keep up with the demand for the digital age. 

The Solution: To avoid mission-critical disasters, contact centres should have access to real-time reporting and analytics. This means your data tools should integrate seamlessly into your platform, being easy-to-use and have the power to consume enormous loads of data. You need to see Smartz Analytics in action to understand the true power of integrated analytics. 

#3 Agent Recruitment and Retention

One of the most significant challenges a contact centre faces is staff churn. Great agents can make a positive impact on the CX journey, but if replaced by an agent who does not fit the position right, there can be noticeable changes. The recruitment process is challenging, and in today’s climate, it is an uphill battle to keep track of the entire process when employees, potential employees, resources, and departments are separated in ways we never imagined. 

The Solution: To effortlessly manage the entire recruitment process from the interview to the on-boarding of your applicant, you’ll need a tool that supports the journey. Create, design and manage internal and external vacancy posts, offers and employment letters without the hassle of cross-departmental exchanges and lost in translations. Get smart about recruitment with Smartz Human Asset Management 

A little overwhelming? That’s why we’ve developed the solutions to empower you to offer a better customer and employee journey. Contact us for more information. 

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